Warriors ‘intrigued’ by Cavs’ Collin Sexton

Report: Warriors ‘intrigued’ by Cavaliers guard Sexton originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

The Warriors might be eyeing young Cleveland Cavaliers guard Collin Sexton, but apparently don’t want to part with either of their current most valuable trade assets, WKYC’s Evan Dammarell reported Sunday citing league sources.

Sexton is a former top-10 pick who still is on his rookie contract, and likely “intrigues” just about every other NBA franchise. The chances of a Warriors trade for the 22-year-old are little to none for several reasons.

First, Sexton is in line to receive a hefty contract extension sometime in the next year. The Alabama product is eligible for an offer as high as $168 million over five years, something that the team with the NBA’s highest payroll and an unprecedented luxury tax bill isn’t likely to fork over.

Sexton also has started 197 of the 207 career games he’s played in for the Cavaliers, and might not be fired up about being relegated to a bench role if he were to join the Warriors.

Other NBA teams like the New York Knicks might be more willing to throw a sizable offer at the Cavaliers for Sexton, as the Warriors more likely are looking for an established star without a looming expiring contract. Pieces like James Wiseman and the seventh pick are more likely to be used on a player like Pascal Siakam or Ben Simmons.

If for some reason the Warriors and Cavaliers came to an agreement without those two top assets included, Golden State theoretically could use Sexton as a one-year rental to bring his tenacious defense and athleticism into the rotation. But in the era of player empowerment the NBA currently is experiencing, Sexton almost certainly would want to leave Cleveland for a franchise looking to lock him up long term.

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Warriors executive vice president of basketball operations Kirk Lacob told Grant Liffmann and Kendra Andrews on a recent episode of Dubs Talk that the team “absolutely” checks in on any high-value player that becomes available for a trade.

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“Absolutely. No question. Why wouldn’t we? Otherwise, we wouldn’t be doing our job,” Lacob bluntly said.

So are the Warriors “intrigued” by Sexton? Sure, why wouldn’t they be? But does that mean they’d be willing to part with one of or both of their most valuable trade pieces for him? No is the short answer.

The NBA offseason is full of rumors and speculation, but that is all this ever will be.

Don’t expect to see Sexton in a Warriors uniform next season.

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