Utah Jazz to trade Derrick Favors to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a future second-round pick, per report

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The Utah Jazz have agreed to trade big man Derrick Favors and a future first-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder for a future second-round pick, ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reports. The move adds yet another draft pick to the Thunder’s arsenal over the next couple years, while the Jazz save some money as Favors is owed nearly $20 million over the next two years. 

Oklahoma City now has 13 first-round picks over the next five drafts that they’ve acquired through trading players such as Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul and Paul George. Since trading away George and Westbrook, the Thunder have become the team that other franchises work with to dump contracts they no longer want by attaching a couple draft picks to it. Back in June, that’s what happened when the Boston Celtics traded Kemba Walker and the No. 16 pick in Thursday night’s draft for Al Horford who was shipped to OKC from Philadelphia this year. 

The Thunder have managed to stockpile draft picks, and have helped the players who get sent to their basketball limbo repair their image around the league and land somewhere else, the best example being Paul. For Favors, this could go one of two ways. The Thunder could decide to keep him for the season before his player option comes up in 2022, in hopes that his value goes up to get a better draft pick for him. Or Oklahoma City could decide to reroute Favors to another team and flip him for yet another pick, or perhaps a young player. 

For the Jazz, This bring them to $13 million below the luxury tax, which will be important to remember when they attempt to re-sign guard Mike Conley who is an unrestricted free agent this summer. Prior to this trade, any deal to bring back Conley — now an All-Star — would’ve put Utah over the luxury tax, who could command $20-22 million, according to ESPN’s Bobby Marks. Getting Favors contract off the books now softens the financial blow a little bit if Conley returns.


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