It was encouraging to see this Olympic gold wrestler show pride in being an American

Olympic joy

To see the joyful exhilaration of Tamyra Mensah-Stock, the first Black U.S. woman wrestler to win the gold, was inspirational. Her love for God, family and country was infectious and made me so happy to know that our country was represented by such an outstanding athlete who is proud to be an American. It was so refreshing to hear her say “Go USA.”

Edie Szyperski, Raleigh

Daniels’ mansion

Regarding “Developer seeks permit to demolish historic mansion of Josephus Daniels,” (Aug. 2):

The historic mansion of Josephus Daniels should be demolished. However, the developer of the land should only be allowed to build affordable housing. What better way to honor Daniels than with housing for the poor and needy on his property?

Lynne Raha, Raleigh

NCAA football

Now that NCAA “students” can make money legally, I think it would be interesting for the NCAA to allow Sunday games on TV. The 1 p.m. game could be division two, the 4 p.m. game could be a headliner. Those that are unhappy with the NFL would then have options. Competition is the American way. Let the fans decide.

Don Shupe, Franklinton

Hard evidence

Let’s face a fact. Science isn’t political. Science is science. Science goes to the heart of facts, based on hard evidence, not hearsay.

I hear all this talk about how the vaccine is a plot. Conservative media and certain politicians downplay the need and there are people who buy into that notion. Shame on them. The vaccine gives you a chance to live. Metal won’t stick to your face. It’s not Russia, China or India, our own government, or whatever. What this is, is a failure to trust in what works — for you, your family, your friends.

I wish all the naysayers well and hope they don’t get ill, especially with delta variant on the rise. But I also wish they’ll have trust, have faith, and stop listening to false news that says they’ll be fine without the vaccine.

Truth is they won’t be. Just ask the parents of the 358 kids killed by COVID — 358 children who will never have the chance to grow up.

Story continues

William Pate, Raleigh

It’s their choice

Perhaps we’ve come to the point when the general public should begin to accept the anti-vaxxers and their right to chose.

It seems apparent that with Covid-19 mutating into evermore deadly variations they will continue to resist, as is their apparent right. They’re obviously certain, and we should accept, that they can contend with the delta variant and now delta-plus.

Individuals have the intelligence and right to make choices for themselves and their families, and they know that some will get sick and recover and others won’t. Those who get the virus and recover will acquire a natural immunity and together with the vaccinated population they’ll eventually contribute to a national herd immunity. It’ll take longer, but over a period of time it will occur.

George Davis, Fuquay-Varina

Don’t let Covid win

I am 82. My wife and I were vaccinate in February and have felt pretty comfortable that people not getting vaccinated wouldn’t affect us. That was until I heard health experts say: Because some people are not getting vaccinated, the delta strain will get many more chances to mutate into a version that will not respond to the current vaccines. So COVID will get another chance to get those of us who are vaccinated. Another chance for COVID to win.

John Lutz, Chapel Hill


Nowhere in the Ten Commandments does it say to do whatever you want at everyone else’s expense.

No Bible verse or story teaches one to willingly get sick from a preventable — possibly deadly — illness and then transmit it to others.

Christians who protest against COVID-19 vaccinations and mask mandates lack respect for the well-being of others. Christian means Christ-like; such behavior is not. It is the exact opposite.

Mary McLees-Lane, Wilson

Community health

Our best defense against COVID-19 and the delta variant remains vaccinations.

Across the region we are seeing innovative and cost-effective measures to vaccinate marginalized populations, including low income and non-English speaking persons.

Nationally, community health centers (CHCs) provide health care to almost 30 million people. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Lincoln Community Health Center in Durham has administered over 10,000 vaccine doses to a vulnerable population, often to persons most at risk of serious illness and hospitalization from the virus.

We strongly encourage everyone to get a COVID-19 vaccine. It is free, safe and easily accessible at many locations, including at LCHC.

Philip A. Harewood

Chief Executive Officer

Vaccine protesters

Regarding “Protesters in downtown Raleigh decry vaccines for healthcare workers, masks in schools,” (Aug. 4):

I wonder if the woman in the photo carrying the “I’ll die before I comply….” protest sign realizes the irony of that statement. Let’s hope her protest doesn’t turn into a prediction.

Glenn Mehrbach, Durham


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