Kansas City man receives weapons charge after armed confrontation in Independence mall

A Kansas City man is accused of brandishing a gun during a fight at Independence Center Mall last week that apparently began with an argument about cutting in line.

Leonzo Harvey Jr., 20, was arrested and criminally charged on allegations of unlawful weapons use after the incident unfolded Saturday evening. He faces a single felony in Jackson County Circuit Court.

No shots were fired. According to court records, police were called by security officers around 5:45 p.m. on a reported armed confrontation between four people at the mall.

Witnesses involved in the fight told police Harvey and a woman he was there with became upset when two others tried to cut in line to pay for something. One cell phone video showed Harvey and his companion charging at the other couple and demanding they all go outside and fight, according to court records.

One witness said she was struck on the head and fell to the ground fighting with Harvey’s companion. Another man tried to intervene and wound up locked in a fight with Harvey and a handgun, according to court records.

The second witness involved in the struggle told police the gun was pointed toward his chest as he and Harvey wrestled over the gun. The man, whose identity is not disclosed in court documents, alleged Harvey tried to pull the trigger several times, saying he put his finger inside the trigger guard to prevent the gun from going off.

Harvey allegedly regained control of the gun and brandished it while shouting: “I have a gun!”

Harvey and his companion, also unnamed in court documents, were interviewed by first responding officers. They told the officer they were defending themselves, according to court records. Harvey allegedly told the officer he was just sticking up for “his girl.”

Investigators reviewed surveillance video that allegedly showed Harvey hiding a firearm underneath a clothing display inside a department store and then retrieving it. Harvey and his companion were then seen on surveillance video leaving the store, court records allege. Both were contacted by police in a car near the mall after they had hitched a ride.

An officer stopped the car Harvey and his companion were passengers in. Police reported recovering two handguns, a Glock with an extended clip loaded with 31 rounds and a silver .45 caliber semi-auto. One of the firearms had been reported stolen in Liberty, according to court records.

Neither Harvey nor his companion gave statements to police after that, according to court records.


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