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Which Kansas State players have a chance to land first team or second team all-Big 12 honors? 13 players are listed but obviously that doesn’t mean that 13 will be chosen, or that we think 13 will be selected. It means those are the ones with potential to do so, in KSO’s opinion.

RB Deuce Vaughn: He’s not only Kansas State’s most well-known player, he is their best player. It would be a shock if he didn’t make an all-Big 12 team, even in a league with exceptional other backs like Bijan Robinson, Breece Hall, Zach Evans, LD Brown and Leddie Brown.

WR Malik Knowles: I’m sure this seems like a leap for many, considering he’s never had a season where he accumulated 400 receiving yards. But from a talent standpoint, he’s all-Big 12 caliber. If he were to stay healthy and engaged for all 12 games, he’d produce enough to put himself into the conversation.

TE Daniel Imatorbhebhe: Again, like Knowles, it is about opportunity and potential. K-State’s offense will feature him because of how they aren’t afraid to feature the tight end. He’s clearly talented and athletic enough to produce strong numbers.

OL Cooper Beebe: He’s the best player on perhaps the best unit on the team. Nothing else needs to be said.

OL Josh Rivas: The best unit on the team, arguably, means that multiple players should have a chance to be selected. Rivas has been spotlighted before by media outlets as a standout, though it was two years ago. Sometimes name recognition matters, and that could be the case for Rivas.

OL Noah Johnson: He may not be the best lineman on the team, but he is the heart and soul and lauded by his coaches and teammates. Those voting could also take that into consideration, and he’s experienced enough to have his best season, too.

DL Timmy Horne: No other defensive lineman will likely be considered. If the hype around Horne by his teammates and coaches is accurate, he could find himself in the discussion at the end of the year.

LB Daniel Green: It would be big if Green was good enough to be chosen as an all-Big 12 selection. That would mean a likely strong season for the Wildcats. The talent is there, and it wouldn’t be a total shock if this was the season where it call came together for him.

CB Julius Brents: If what everyone is consistently saying is close to the truth, it would be more of a surprise if Brents was not considered or picked. And at the time K-State recruited him, those that knew of his talent called him a future pro. That would suggest that the praise from those within Manhattan is not hyperbolic.

CB Ekow Boye-Doe: Brents has received all of the attention in the offseason, but let’s not forget how effective and well that Boye-Doe played last season. Teams went after Lance Robinson, Justin Gardner, Kiondre Thomas and others because they didn’t want to challenge Boye-Doe or Parker.

S Jahron McPherson: Since some of the people that do the voting tend to not always have the most pertinent information, that can lend itself to name recognition, experience and longevity mattering. Having been in Arlington for Big 12 Media Days helps with the first one and being a super senior that has started for multiple seasons helps with the rest.


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