Samson: Timberwolves firing their GM raises questions about just what happened in Minnesota’s front office

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This week the Minnesota Timberwolves parted ways with president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas naming EVP of Basketball Operations Sachin Gupta the interim head of basketball operations.

David Samson discussed their choice to part ways with Rosas so close to the season on the latest episode of “Nothing Personal with David Samson.”

Samson said:

“It’s inconceivable. How can you run a team where you fire your president of basketball operations right before training camp? Something acute must’ve happened. That’s the only explanation for a firing this close to a season.”

Samson says the only way it makes sense to make this move so close to training camp is that he was discovered to have done something so horrific that you had to fire him now. He says all of these questions are being asked because it has to be something serious.

They said they were considering the move already, but some things came to light that forced us to go in the direction right now.

“Really?” Samson questions. “If that new information is not something that you discovered the day you fired Gersson then you are full of it and you don’t know what you’re doing.”

There were rumors that he had issues when it came to front office culture, but Samson notes that would be something that had been going on, so they would’ve been able to make this decision at a better time. 

Samson is confused by the entire thing, saying of the team, “It’s not like they actually have a plan.”


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