Matisse Thybulle did something against Steph Curry that nobody ever has

As the Philadelphia 76ers prepared for the Golden State Warriors on Saturday for a primetime matchup, they knew they would have to prepare for what Steph Curry brings to the table.

Curry entered the game needing just 10 3-pointers in his career to pass Ray Allen for the most in NBA history. 10 3-pointers is a lot, but considering the shooter that Curry is and what he has accomplished, there was a chance that he could hit 10 against the Sixers on Saturday.

Instead, he only made three on 14 attempts as he was harassed by Matisse Thybulle all night as Philadelphia came away with a 102-93 win at home. Thybulle also made history as he blocked Curry on multiple 3-pointers. Nobody has ever done that against him in his career.

Thybulle was absolutely phenomenal all night and even he wasn’t sure how he did it.

“It’s hard to even say because I kinda blackout to a certain degree,” he said after the game. “I gotta see. Every play for—how many minutes did me and go for? He went 36. I went 33. It was just being in the moment for every moment, following him, trailing him, just wreak as much havoc, make it as uncomfortable as possible for him.”

Curry will break that record at some point, but Thybulle was determined to make sure that he didn’t do so against the Sixers in Philadelphia.

“I don’t remember enough of the game to give you an honest opinion of how I think I did,” Thybulle added. “I’m just really happy we won, I guess. Yeah, happy he didn’t break the record at least against us. I hope he breaks it at some point.”

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